Sunday, August 28, 2011


A simple way to get CppBugs to work is to copy the "cppbugs" folder to "/usr/local/include". On my Ubuntu 10.04 system, I also need to modify the make file located in the test file directory and replace the "ARMADILLO_LIBS = llapack" with "ARMADILLO_LIBS = -larmadillo".

As a BUGS/JAGS user, I think this project is very promising and extremely interesting. It will be even more attractive if CppBugs can be integrated with R (maybe through Rcpp) in the similar way that R2WinBUGS integrates WinBUGS with R.


Gregor Gorjanc (gg) said...

Can we use CppBUGS in the same easy way as OpenBUGS or WinBUGS or do we need to know C++ as well?

Shige said...

The CppBUGS uses C++ syntax; but it seems to be quite straight forward to map between the BUGS syntax to that of the CppBUGS.