Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chinees GIS resources

Here is a list of useful Chinese GIS resources:

  1. CHGIS (download and CD)
  2. China Dimensions
  3. CloudMade (dowload)
  4. GRASS-Wiki

Monday, June 18, 2012

A new skype for Linux

Skype 4.0 for Linux is out.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Scythe library

After 5 years, the Scythe library has a new version out.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Installed R packages

I did not realize I have such a long list of R packages install (ls /usr/local/lib/R/library >> list.txt):

abind e1071 labeling optimx sabreR
ade4 Ecdat LaF optmatch sandwich
ade4TkGUI effects LaplacesDemon orthopolynom scales
AICcmodavg ellipse lars parallel segmented
akima emdbook lattice parser sem
Amelia Epi lava pcaPP sfsmisc
anchors etable lavaan permute shapefiles
aod etm leaps pgfSweave simecol
ape evaluate lessR pixmap SiZer
apsrtable expm lme4 pkgmaker sna
arm ff lmtest plm snow
base fields locfit plyr snowfall
bayesDem filehash lpSolve polynom sos
bayesLife flexmix magic popbio sp
bayesm FME mapdata popdemo spacetime
bayesPop foreach mapproj primer spam
bayesTFR forecast maps prodlim SparseM
BayesX foreign maptools proto spatial
BayesXsrc formatR markdown pscl SpatialEpi
bbmle Formula MASS psych spatstat
bdsmatrix forward Matching qgraph spBayes
bibtex fracdiff MatchIt quadprog spdep
biganalytics gam Matrix quantreg spgwr
biglm gamlss matrixcalc R2BayesX sphet
bigmemory MatrixModels R2HTML splancs
bigtabulate gamlss.dist maxLik R2jags splines
BiocGenerics gclus MBA R2WinBUGS splm
BiocInstaller gdata MBESS RandomFields stashR
bit gee mclust randomForest statmod
bitops geepack MCMCglmm RANN stats
boot geoR MCMCpack raster stats4
brew ggplot2 McSpatial RColorBrewer stringr
cacheSweave gof mediation Rcpp SuppDists
cairoDevice gpclib memisc RcppArmadillo survey
car gplots memoise rcppbugs survival
caTools graph MEMSS RcppDE svUnit
cem graphics methods RcppEigen systemfit
chron grDevices mets RCurl tables
class grid mgcv registry tabplot
classInt gstat minpack.lm reldist tcltk
cluster gsubfn minqa reshape tensorA
coda gtools miscTools reshape2 testthat
codetools gWidgets mitools rgam tikzDevice
colorspace gWidgetsRGtk2 mixAK rgdal timereg
combinat hexbin mixtools rgenoud tools
compiler highlight mlbench rgeos triangle
corpcor Hmisc mlmRev rgl truncnorm
cumSeg ibdreg mlogit RGtk2 tseries
datasets igraph mnormt rj TTR
data.table igraph0 modeltools rjags ucminf
DBI inline MPV rJava utils
DCluster int64 mstate vcd
deldir iplots multcomp Rmixmod vegan
DEoptim IPSUR MuMIn rms VGAM
depmixS4 ipw munsell robustbase visreg
deSolve iterators mvtnorm rockchalk waveslim
devtools JavaGD ncdf RODBC WhatIf
dichromat JGR nlme rootSolve XLConnect
digest KernSmooth nnet rpart XLConnectJars
diptest knitcitations npmlreg rrcov XML
doBy knitr numDeriv RSiteSearch xtable

Rsolnp xts

RSQLite Zelig

RUnit zic

Rz zoo

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Natural selection is still with us

This looks very interesting. I cannot wait to get hold of the paper.


Looks very nice, but I have not figured out what it can do to help with my current computing tasks.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Drawing a map

This post explains how to draw a China map using ggplot2 and online data sources. The blog is generally interesting.

This one is based on OpenStreetMap. Very helpful.