Friday, April 23, 2010

Trouble with ESS and Sweave

Last time I tried to sweave a document from with Emacs+ESS, I was using an earlier version of ESS (the current version is 5.8), and things seemed to be fine. Today when I tried to sweave a simple document and produced PDF output, I got error message of ".pdf": exited abnormally with code 2". I posted a message to the ESS mailing list, but so far no solutions have been reported. 

Here is a very simple .Rnw file I used to reproduce the error: 




This document outlines the analysis to be carried out to look at the
relationship between prenatal famine exposure and fetal loss risk.

Before this can be fixed, I will rely on Eclipse for all my sweaving. 
---------------- April 26 ------------------------
Here is my own solution: 

from line 177 of ess-svy.el:

-      (shell-command (concat -       (if (and ess-microsoft-p (w32-shell-dos-semantics)) -           "start \"" pdfviewer "\" \"" namestem ".pdf\"" -                 "\"" pdfviewer "\" \"" namestem ".pdf\" &")))) +      (shell-command (concat
+                 "\"" pdfviewer "\" \"" namestem ".pdf\"")))

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